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Undergraduate Applications

Auditions for 2018 class

The Drama Department is exited to announce significant changes to the selection process for our courses and programmes. 

Applicants wishing to study Theatre (Drama) or Dance must start by working out their APS score using their most recent matric results as a guide.

 Calculating Admissions Points Score (APS)

The percentages achieved in National Senior Certificate examinations (preliminary and final examinations) will be allocated an admission score equal to that percentage. The sum of six subjects, excluding Life Orientation, but including English. Results below 40% for any subject do not attract a score. For more information on the APS or your own eligibility, please go to the UCT Admission requirements page.

Applicants whose current APS is above 390 points must follow these steps:

Applicants must submit 3 items using our upload form.

  • You must submit an essay. The instructions for the essay can be found using the link: Essay Instructions
  • You must submit a reference letter. The letter must be from a teacher or community leader. The instructions for the reference letter can be found using the link: Reference Letter Instructions
  • You must submit a video audition. The instructions for the video audition can be found using the link: Video Audition Instructions

Applicants whose current APS is below 380 points must follow these instructions:

Applicants with an APS score below 380 points must attend a successful in-person audition in order to qualify for a place in the Diploma in Theatre & Performance. No Video auditions will be considered for a place in the Diploma in Theatre & Performance.

In order to book an audition, you need to download and read through the Audition Information & Guidelines and then complete the Audition Booking Form.

Applicants whose current APS is between 370 and 390 must follow these instructions:

The Drama Department strongly advises applicants whose current APS scores are between 370 and 390 points to attend an in-person audition. Only applicants who have attended an in-person audition will be considered for the Diploma in Theatre & Performance. If you final APS score is below 380 points, and you have not attended an in-person audition, we cannot consider you for either the BA Theatre & Performance or the Diploma in Theatre & Performance.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Shabnam Pansari (

Some FAQs:

  • When do applications close?

Applications for study in 2018 open in April 2017 and close on 30 September 2017.

  • How do I book and for an audition?

To book an audition, please complete the online booking form. 

  • What are the academic requirements?

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance (BA T&P: HB014)
Minimum requirement: NSC endorsed for degree study/Matric Exemption. FPS 380 with Academic Literacy NBT score at Intermediate Level and 50% for English Home Language or 60% for English First Additional Language.  Successful audition.

Diploma in Theatre and Performance (DTP: HU020)
NSC endorsed for diploma study. Academic Literacy NBT score at Intermediate Level and 50% for English Home Language or 60% for English First Additional Language. Successful audition.

  • Is drama as Matric subject required?

Drama as a subject for Matric is not a prerequisite.

  • How much does the course cost? Are there any bursaries available?

For all information regarding Bursaries, Financial Aid and Fees, please consult the UCT Website using the following link:

Alternatively you could contact the Student Financial Aid Office on 021 650 3545 or email

  • I am an international student and wish to study drama at UCT. How do I proceed?

Depending on how you wish to study drama, there are several options open to you as an International Student.

If you are interested in studying through the Semester Study Abroad Programme, then you should begin

by contacting the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) on or +27 (0)21 650 2822.

Under this programme, students may choose classes from our Academic Drama Major courses. Students studying through Semester Study Abroad programmes may not enrol for our Professional Practice courses.

Should you wish to study a full undergraduate degree, then there are two options available – a BA Theatre & Performance (HB014)  or a General BA with a Major in Drama (HB003). 

Note that for all Professional Practice Programmes, an audition is necessary to be considered for admission.