Womb of Fire

1 Jun 2017 - 13:15

The UCT Drama Department is proud to be associated with The Mothertongue Project’s, Womb of Fire. 

Womb of Fire is the starting point for an examination of the performing female body as the site of disruption where the body itself challenges the borders and boundaries of the body politic. The play uses a non-Western mythical frame that is fleshed out and localised through historical and personal intersections. The title pays homage to Mahasweta Devi’s Agnigharba (Womb of Fire) in which Devi rerenders the figure of Drapuadi as a tribal activist. Against this frame, two female figures, Grote Katrijn (1661-1664) and Zara (1648-1671), interrogate the pornography of Empire and from the founding years or “Womb of Fire’ that birthed modern South Africa.

Written and performed by Rehane Abrahams, Directed by Sara Matchett and with Design by Craig Leo, Womb of Fire is supported by UJ Arts & Culture. Womb of Fire will be presented at the Rhodes Box Theatre from the 4th to 6th July as part of the National Arts Festival.

 The Mothertongue Project was started in 2000 by Sara Matchett and Rehane Abrahams with the production What the Water Gave. Since then, both Abrahams and Matchett have been separately researching the body as a site for personal and political agency and embodied performance as a practice of freedom. Now, some 17 years later, the two return to see how their explorations intersect in a production that focuses on the female body in performance as a site for disruption and decolonisation. Blending new methodology, new research with a wealth of experience the two are set to explore a new lexicon in performance practice.

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