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The Diploma in Theatre & Performance

(Programme Code: HU020)

This three year diploma programme is an intensive vocational training for stage performance and/or dance teaching. It is intended for students who do not qualify for the BA Theatre & Performance on the basis of their matriculation results but who show exceptional potential in an audition.

The programme includes some courses from the academic major in Theatre & Dance Studies but its main emphasis is practical.

The programme offers three orientations:

  • Acting (Stage)

  • Dance Performance (Contemporary, African, Ballet)

  • Dance Teaching

(Please note: Not all orientations are offered every year.)

The Diploma in Theatre & Performance admits very restricted numbers of students and is specifically intended for candidates who wish to undertake professional studies in Dance, Theatre and Performance and make careers in the dance, theatre and related industries.

Admission to this programme is by face-to-face audition and the programme is capped at 20 students across all orientations in each year. For more information on the audition procedure please click here.

Students who complete the Diploma in Theatre & Performance will receive their diploma at the end of third year. Thereafter, if their grades allow, they may choose to register for a one-year Advanced Diploma which will grant them possible access to Honours or PGCE study.