Prelude in 5·4

19 Apr 2017 - 17:00

Nine theatre-makers’ adaptation of nine African short stories in their attempt to explore the manifold experiences of becoming in contemporary Africa

26 & 28 April 19h30 - Programme A

27 & 29 April 19h30 - Programme B

Bindery Lab, Hiddingh Campus, 37 Orange Street


Programme A:

  1. Resemblance by Puleng Stewart

RESEMBLANCE is about how we remember our mothers. It is about the undercurrents of reintroduction. About love that is not always warm, comfort found in uncomfortable places, the messy feelings that make up the larger emotions. It is about movement, the longing for it and the inevitability of it.

  1. Pyro Protram Matthew Muller

Pyro Protram explores the unrealistic expectations of a man and how these have devestating impacts on their mental health and degrades them to their most primal state. How will Pyro survive in a world that is out to torment and destroy him?

  1. Loved One by Olivia Fischer

Loved One is an adaptation of Sindiwe Magona’s story The Cruel King Lives! It is an attempt to uncover the one story of a man, among the many other stories that history chooses to forget.

  1. To pluck. By Andi Colombo

to pluck. interrogates spaces of safety within dream, swimming upstream from containment into the freedom of expression. It’s about rediscovering connections when you have been cut off. It’s about love, and loneliness. Mostly, it’s about finding your own power even when it seems lost forever. 

  1. Braak by Kanya Viljoen

“Die jongman het teruggekeer van sy reis. Hy het self die hek oopgemaak. Hy het gesien dat die kanferfoelieheining uitgekap is. Die hek was nuut en die draadheining silwer geverf.            - Die erf lyk na ’n nuwe wêreld, het die jongman gedink.”

Koos Prinsloo, By die skryf van aantekeninge oor ’n reis?

Programme B:

  1. NDINXANIWE by Qondiswa James

An adaptation of Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa’s The Coming of the Strange Ones’ from Indaba, My Children. The coming of the Colonist. Ndim ehlathini; dnim emfuleni.

  1. The Crow by Chloe Cattin

The Crow based on Charles’ Mungoshi’s short story of the same name is a cautionary tale following the lives of two kids and a crow. It explores that element within all of us, that fear and darkness and gunk we manage to hideaway but somehow manages to resurface.

  1. Approach by Jade Frankel

The approach is about the human collectives' ability to co-operate  flexibly by creating and believing in fictional stories

  1. Die Watermeid by Rosa-Karoo Loewe

Die Watermeid explores rivers running into pools holding secrets. Until the storm, until the rush and the rain, finally into the ocean.