Little Theatre

Production Manager - Luke Ellenbogen
Administrative Assistant Nabeelah Khan
Head of Wardrobe Leigh Bishop
Workshop Supervisor - Nicolas Mayer
Technical Officer, lighting and sound - Marco Frontini


The Little Theatre serves as an interdisciplinary unit run in association with the Drama Department. It provides theatre spaces and facilities for theatre research for departments within the University as well as production opportunities for theatre, film and television companies and community groups.

As a production house, the Little Theatre coordinates a dynamic programme of classical, contemporary and experimental student productions throughout the academic year. In keeping with the focus of the senior student work, many of these productions are new South African works, directed by students, staff and visiting professional directors. The Little Theatre has also, at times, worked in partnership with the SA Museum, the SA National Gallery and many of the professional theatres and clubs in the city. Apart from student work, the theatres are hired out to professional companies and amateur dramatic societies. International theatre companies are also invited to perform on the campus.

Productions are mounted in either the Little Theatre, a proscenium arch theatre seating 240 people, the Arena Theatre, an experimental space with a seating capacity of 70 to 100 people, or in any one of a range of indoor or outdoor informal venues on campus. The Little Theatre has at its disposal a scenery workshop, costume wardrobe and furniture and properties stores. In addition to staging productions, the Little Theatre serves as an informal resource for past students and members of the public needing theatre information. Assistance is provided whenever possible.

   Contact details.

Postal address: Little Theatre Office, Office and Workshop Building, Hiddingh Campus, Orange Street, Cape Town 8001, Republic of South Africa
Telephone: RSA (021) 480 7129
Fax: RSA (021) 480 7106